Our Company

Cesar Group Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş ; is a group of companies that provide service for Automotive, Service, Fleet, Insurance and Assistance companies.

Our group of companies consist of; 

  • A customer focused service company that presents value added solutions to its customers,
  • A Ministry of the Environment licensed company engaged in vehicle recycling within the scope of ÖTA (Obsolete Vehicles),
  • A distributor company that provides data from global automotive manufacturers and spare parts manufacturers,
  • Investment companies of varying sizes that have investments in America, Russia and Moldova and a group of companies that provide state of the at technological solutions to the group companies and its customers.


To consistently develop within the framework of our company founding objectives and the reasons for our existence and to always produce high quality products and services as a reputable and reliable group. To contribute to the economy in a progressive manner. To always perform the best and the most applicable in commercial life, without ignoring the profitability factor and to serve the community and allied resources in the sector. 


Starting out from an understanding of national and international competition to achieve excellence as the Cesar Group, in every sector we are active in, to closely monitor technological developments as a group, to produce and implement projects in line with the sector requirements, to embrace success and consistency as a requisite of the importance and the undertaking it has given to its own personnel and customers.

Our Company